Gentleman’s Pied-à-terre – Summer

New York, NY

A 19th century Upper East Side townhouse apartment for an avid collector of photography was completely restored with rich materials and exacting details, incorporating such elements as contemporary push button electrical devices with antique lighting fixtures, existing historic plaster mouldings, and mantles. Other decorative elements were carefully conserved with the intention of maintaining their antique quality, as well as discovering behind the years of neglect the original wood slatted rolling window louvers. The contemporary interventions such as the French polished satinwood kitchen, and mahogany dressing room are clearly new but harmonious with the overall sensibility. The dining terrace, with a view to Central Park, is reached by steps which are concealed when not needed by retracting into the window seat.

Interior Decorator: Liza Lerner (
Lighting: Studio James Long (
Structural Engineer: Murray Engineering (
Photographer: Seong Kwon (