Harlem Townhouse

New York, NY

A 4-1/2 story townhouse across from Morningside Park in South Harlem, originally built around 1900. The front façade was restored to its original condition, with a new gabled pediment window providing a view of the park from the study. The building was completely gutted excepting the exterior walls. With a duplex apartment on the lower and ground floor levels, a single bedroom apartment on the first, and a triplex on the upper floors, this remodel was designed with a spare, contemporary palette: exposed brick walls, maple and green slate floors. A sky lit staircase energizes the open space while bringing natural light to the lower levels.

Structural Engineer: Murray Engineering (http://www.murray-engineering.com)
Mechanical Engineer: Lana Naoum
Photographer: Seong Kwon (http://www.seongkwon.com)